There's black. There's white.

And then there’s the greyzone.

Get out of the greyzone. Find clarity in your career…and life.

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The Greyzone Book

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The Greyzone: Insights on Leading Your Career with Intention

Tami has put a decade of career mentoring into a new book, The Greyzone: Insights on Leading Your Career with Intention.  It inspires and provides tools to help get your out of the greyzone and into a career that you love.

The greyzone is…

  • Being overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and fear… paralyzed by indecision.
  • Not knowing why you’re unhappy or what’s broken. Do you need a new job? A new boss? A new company? A new career path?
  • When you want a promotion. But at the same time you want to move to Idaho and become an organic farmer.
  • Knowing that your life isn’t working quite right and you have an urgent need to make it better.

From Chaos to Clarity

greyzone’s mission is to bring focus, clarity and intention to your career and life decisions. We do this by offering support, accountability and professional direction, always with an empathetic and understanding perspective.

We remove the isolation often found when facing career decisions and empower you with the tools and knowledge to make the most of the job search process and intentionally map your career. Clients also come to us for life coaching during times of transition. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Career and Life Coaching: one-on-one coaching sessions to define and execute a strategic career path and foster intentional life decisions.
  • Resume Writing: make your resume stand out and tell a clear story.
  • Soul Work: a supportive women’s community offering retreats and soul circles.

What is greyzone?

Watch this video for an explanation of what “the greyzone” is and how we can help guide you towards clarity with our proven process and expertise.

Also, hear what clients say about our process and the various ways we’ve helped them escape the greyzone.

"Tami provides the framework to get her clients out of ambiguity."

Shala B., Operations Executive

"I negotiated a higher salary and bonus! Thank you for helping me develop the skills and confidence to go after my dream job.”

Joannie K., Director, Public Relations

9 ways out of the greyzone

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