There are things we know but we don’t talk about. Seeing books, discussion and studies on these topics is very empowering and boosts your confidence. Thank you!

Be Bold, Not Bossy November workshop participant

Be Bold Not Bossy

Do you have a sense that others perceive you differently than you intend to come across? Maybe you show up too meek? Maybe you come across too brash?

Join me and an intimate group of like-minded participants as we gather via video for one hour each week for three weeks to learn how to BE BOLD, Not Bossy.


The topic of women’s empowerment in the workplace is getting a lot of media attention these days thanks to Sheryl Sandberg and her book, Lean In. What does it mean to be empowered and why is it so important? In this program you’ll:

Boldness Barometer

  • Explore the Boldness Barometer and learn the ways you can sabotage yourself when you show up too low or too high on the barometer (especially under stress)!
  • Identify what it takes to stay balanced on the barometer.

Concrete Tools

  • Receive tips that you can use right away to make an immediate impact on how others perceive and respond to you.
  • Explore actionable steps you can take to begin managing your career with intention – seeking out promotions and projects.
  • Learn scripts to use in negotiations and understand the psychology behind the cloud of fear that surrounds negotiation.

Find Community

  • Share stories, laughter and learn in this small group setting
  • Join a Facebook community to continue the conversation!

Showing up the way I want to be seen means that I need to think about the words I use in emails (eliminate qualifiers that portray insecurity and meekness), be assertive and ask for what I need. Perception is everything! Be Bold, Not Bossy taught me a lot, but most importantly, it was the poise and humor with which it is presented and the personal stories and specific examples that made the program very relatable. I’ve already referred others to sign up!

Be Bold, Not Bossy January participant


Stay tuned for the next session!
Take the first assertive step and ask your manager to support you by paying for you to participate in the program!


“The Be Bold, Not Bossy course was a good reminder of many unconscious habits I have developed over the years that make me appear not as confident as I would like.”

Carly K.


Extremely helpful. We are aware of many of the points brought up, but we need to be reminded to be conscious of our words/actions.

Jane D.


Very helpful. Real life application of advice instead of just sound bites.

Rachael D.


Just being more confident in my intelligence and value in the workplace. That kind of sounds “new age” or perhaps “corny” but it’s the truth. Learning how to be friendly in my assertiveness while at work. Being bold but not brash just like the title says!l.

Charity H.

Chicago, Il.

“I received a few solid insights and tools that I can turn into confidence habits.”

Faith C.


Great experience. Helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths.

Jill H.


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Stay tuned for the next session.
Program Fee – $199.00

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