How to Navigate the Proposed Federal Ban on Noncompetes

This post is courtesy of Guest Blog, Lori Goldstein. On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its Final Rule, banning all noncompete restrictions for employees and independent contractors, including existing agreements. This landmark rule is scheduled to become effective on Sept. 4th, but the Rule could actually be delayed, tossed, or changed by... Keep Reading »

The Five Stages of Getting Let Go

This post is courtesy of Guest Blogger, Bridgette Carey. Just a quick scroll through LinkedIn, and you will inevitably read a post about someone who has recently lost a job. There are plenty of articles and recommendations about how to find your next job, networking recommendations, and updating your resume. Yet, what about the emotional stages that you go through... Keep Reading »

If I’m so Amazing, Why am I Still Unemployed?

This post is courtesy of guest blogger Karen Southall Watts. You’ve revamped your resume, maybe even paid a professional to do it, and it looks great. Your cover letters are punchy, contain measurable results, and are tailored to each job. Networking? Why yes, you never eat lunch, or have coffee, alone anymore. Friends and family have fed you a steady diet of “never... Keep Reading »

The Boldness Barometer: Finding Your Way to Assertive Communication

A few years ago, I was driving to a speaking gig, rehearsing my talk on communication when this notion came to me: The Boldness Barometer. Yes, I like alliteration. The idea is that assertiveness exists on a spectrum from Not Assertive to Too Assertive. Let’s look at both ends of the spectrum and figure out how to find balance. On one side of the spectrum are... Keep Reading »

Confidence Trumps Competence: How to Manage an Interview

Have you ever noticed how some people get ahead in life purely on what seems to be an abundance of confidence, when in fact they lack the actual skills for—and competence in—their roles? Confidence trumps competence. I tell clients that coming across as confident can often overcome a lack of competence. Do I mean that if you have absolutely no qualifications but you... Keep Reading »

Layoff Trauma and the Grief Cycle

A few weeks ago, I joined up with Teegan Bartos of Jolt Your Career for a LinkedIn Live conversation about layoff trauma. As I support clients who have been impacted by layoffs, it’s clear that many are in a grief cycle. And to make matters worse, they often aren’t aware and thus aren’t equipped with tools to process what they’re experiencing. I witness them locked... Keep Reading »

I’m Betting on Me

This post is courtesy of guest blogger, Julie Nichols. I have felt for a while now that I’m not in charge of my own destiny, that I’m just a pawn for others to use in my own life. This is not something that I was aware of until recently. Sometimes it’s not until you’re outside of something that you are able to look back inward and see how messed up everything was.... Keep Reading »

Transforming My Office: From Cluttered Chaos to Serene Sanctuary

This post is courtesy of guest blogger, Lida Bunting. At the beginning of this year I decided that I wanted to refresh my office space. I was giving myself 2 years to do it, but, once the idea got into my head, I couldn’t shake it. The idea of decluttering my office had me overwhelmed, so I called a professional organizer to help out, Rosetta Metz of Lettuce... Keep Reading »

Selling Yourself: Your Job Search as Sales Cycle

A job search is often uncomfortable because we’re suddenly put into a sales role, and the product we’re selling is us. For those not naturally inclined to sales, particularly those of an introverted persuasion, this can be sheer torture.   I often refer to this analogy in my coaching. Here, I break it down in hopes that the clarity allows for a bit more comfort... Keep Reading »
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