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Did you know that the way you dress and present yourself affects the way you feel, and then contributes to the results you get?   My name is Suze Solari and I help people just like you, upgrade their wardrobe so they look and feel amazing and have confidence everywhere they go. I am thrilled to be guest blogging on how to make your wardrobe polished and reflective of your style, and why it’s important to make the effort; for yourself, for your family and for your career.

When I speak to business organizations and networking groups, I start with a question: who walked out of the house today feeling completely amazing, put together and fabulous?  When you attend networking or even social functions, you don’t necessarily give every person you meet your business card, but they will make a mental note of what you are wearing, you can be sure of that.

Here are some questions to ponder:

– Are you attracting the relationships and career success you wish to have?

– What is possible for you to create and achieve?

– Do you know your purpose, and are you living up to your full potential?

When you are deliberate about wearing the right clothes, that are flattering to your body, don’t itch or bind, aren’t what you wore yesterday, or pulled out of the laundry pile, you feel confident – your body language changes, and you command attention.

When you feel confident, powerful, sexy even, you show up so much more in every moment. I call this simply, being the real you and being BIG.  You speak your mind, dance more wild, and ask for what you want – – that confidence radiates out into the world, and you make a great impression.

Clothes are a means of self-expression. How and what we wear can help us to show up powerfully and in the manor of which we wish to be perceived.  I don’t believe it is common practice that people think about what their clothes suggest about their place in the world, what is important to them, and how clothing affects their thoughts about themselves.

Confidence equals success. You can learn to leverage your potential and achieve your goals, by using wardrobe as the conduit.  Start by asking yourself, what are your goals?  Anything is possible for you …  land a new client, get the promotion, make more money, find your soul mate, spend more time with your family.  My goals also include to travel more and drive my dream car.  I trust that these desires are imminent for myself because I know my value, and dress every day to support these ideals.

Consider these concepts when identifying the style that works for your body shape and personality as well as your brand and business goals.

– Know where you want to go in your career, who you want to attract and how you want to be perceived and thought of as an expert.

– Have the optimal components in your closet that are the right cut, fit and shape for your body.  This makes getting dressed every day joyful, timely and productive.

For the female readers, you can use my style handbooks as inspiration and support. These books were written as a resource for finding the right jeans, t-shirts, skirts & blouses that fit your body shape, where to find them and how to easily create multiple outfits for every day and special occasions.

If you and your clients are in a casual work place, The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook guides your selection and inspiration using 5 t-shirts, and 5 jean silhouettes.  Starting with each basic outfit, a gallery of looks shows you step by step how to build an outfit by layering pieces, such as jackets, sweaters and blazers.  Completing each look is a recommendation of the basic accessories, including jewelry, belts, shoes and handbags.

If you are ready to elevate your look to the next level and want to embrace a more feminine aesthetic, or work in a corporate setting, The Blouse & Skirt Handbook is for you.  In the same format, you will be guided to choose from the 4 blouse and skirt types, and shown how to pair these pieces together to make polished and comfortable outfits reflective of your style.  Also included in both books are helpful “How- to”, such as how to pack for travel, and how to start a closet detox.  Here is one tip that works for men and women:

An empowering and time saving routine to help you revolutionize your morning routine:

  • Plan and stage your outfits in advance. Invest in organizing tools: a valet hook or hanging device for outfits, a jewelry rack for keeping necklaces, bracelets & earrings displayed in an orderly way, so you can find everything and use them every day.

Bio: Suze Solari is a Personal Stylist, a fashion contributor for a Chicago newspaper, and author of the ‘Stylish Upgrade series’ books: The T- Shirt & Jeans handbook, and new, The Blouse & Skirt Handbook. She lectures to groups, and works with clients one on one to help them identify their personal style to suit their lifestyle, maximize their wardrobe investment & learn to wear the right pieces to achieve their goals & be the best version of themselves.  For more information and to contact Suze, you can follow her on Facebook and join her style community by visiting her website:





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