Congrats! You’ve landed that job you wanted, and it’s only a matter of days before you start. You’re convinced that they love you and your problems are solved.


But wait! Landing the job is only the beginning. You have new colleagues to meet, a new boss to figure out, maybe even a boss’ boss. You want to make sure you make a good impression. Because once an impression is made, it’s harder to change it. So make that impression a good one and consider following these tips for at least the first two weeks of your new gig:


1. Show up a little early and leave a little late. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. Your teammates may be great, but they also may be taking note of when you get in and when you leave.


2. Keep personal phone calls to a minimum. Sure, you need to talk to your daycare provider when your kids are sick, but see if you can’t get your partner or relative to cover for you at first. Or take critical calls in the hallway or available conference room to keep them private.


3. Keep conversations in check. Of course everyone wants to find out about you, and you want to find out about them, but don’t let conversations go on too long. You can politely end a conversation by saying, “Can we continue this over lunch? I really need to get back to work.” It leaves a good impression all the way around.


4. Look like you’re doing something. Sometimes the first few days on a new job can be a boring wait to get meaningful work going. Even if you’re checking email or going to the restroom, look like you’re on an important project.


5. Hold back a little. It always takes awhile to figure out the political lay of the land. Sometimes, the friendliest people aren’t the ones you want to be associated with. I once worked with someone described as a “veritable fountain of misinformation.” You’ll want to take some time to discover who your real friends are going to be. Until you know who to trust, keep a little distance.


6. Remember where you are. “They” is where you used to work. “We” is where you work now. You have now joined this team. You can make your allegiance known by saying things like, “At XYZ company, where I used to work, they used this approach. How do we do this?”


If you’re conscious of the impression you’re giving, you will certainly make a better one.


Also, if you haven’t found that job you wanted, or if you would like some help figuring out a plan, email me to arrange an introductory call –

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