We’ve all heard those stories about a land a long, long time ago before the Internet and globalization. In this long ago place, people graduated from college and were almost guaranteed lifetime employment, a gold watch and nice pension.  The only person you had to impress was your boss, who made sure you got your annual increases.

As I talk to people about their personal branding, I hear responses that came from that long ago world:

“But I have a job.”

“I let my work speak for itself.”

“I really don’t like to blow my own horn.”

In today’s environment, we have incredible opportunities to showcase our talents. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about companies that prefer to hire people who are employed.  So, the time to be visible and available is when you have a job.

I recently spoke with someone who made an effort to boost his presence on LinkedIn. He didn’t have to network or go to dinner with anyone and keep a conversation going for an hour; he accomplished everything online. By being an active LinkedIn participant, he has been contacted directly by CEOs and hired in his last two positions.

Our current world of opportunities requires us to be visible in order to succeed. Even if you do have a job, you dislike blowing your own horn and you let your work speak for itself, how can you be found so that you’ll know about the next opportunity to advance your career?

Unfortunately or fortunately we no longer live in that long gone world.

Here are some ideas for maintaining your market visibility:

  • Be visible on LinkedIn. Is your profile current? Are you participating in groups? Do you ever comment on anything?
  • Be visible in your business community. Have you ever been to a meeting of a business group that is appropriate for you, where people might get to know you?
  • Be visible in your network. Your personal network, including family and friends, can be your best advocates. I got my first job because my ex-girlfriend’s mother talked to her neighbor about me and he became my boss.

If you need help trying to figure out how to make yourself visible, send me an email and let’s talk about the possibilities.

Jim Trinidad
cell 303-909-3949

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