The Art of the Thank You Note

People often ask for etiquette guidance on how to handle the thank you note process. What should notes convey? When should they be sent? What format should be used? I dispense this advice frequently. Read on with my hopes that it will help you stand out in the crowded interview landscape. First, a note about great leadership skills. In my talk, Be Bold, Not Bossy, I... Keep Reading »

5 Critical Steps for an Out-of-State Job Search

As a job search coach who works with people across the country, the concept of out-of-state career moves comes up frequently. Whether it’s moving from Chicago to Colorado or Connecticut to San Diego, I’ve supported many job seekers in their cross-country quests. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot. Here’s a collection of some of the best advice I have to offer job... Keep Reading »

How a “Returnship” Can Help You Restart Your Career

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Tami Forman. Internships aren’t just for college kids. A new kind of internship, designed for experienced professionals, is increasing in popularity. Learn more about how these programs work and how they can help you restart your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 36% of prime working-age women... Keep Reading »

Why LinkedIn is the Most Important Tool in Your Job Search

Of all the job search tips I have in my bag of tricks, nothing comes close to teaching people to leverage the power of LinkedIn connections. If I have 15 minutes to coach a job seeker, this is the piece I spend time on first, even before critiquing their résumé. An effective job search comes down to networking – and nothing empowers you to network better than... Keep Reading »

The Quick Fix: What to do When You Need to Dust off Your Résumé Unexpectedly

This post comes courtesy of greyzone’s Resume Writer, Beth Kujawski. Opportunities can surface when you least expect them. Recently, I was chatting with someone who said, “A week ago, I wasn’t looking for a job.” He has seniority. His job pays well. It’s near his home. He works for a large company. He has job security. His bosses appreciate that he steps up... Keep Reading »

How to Craft a Winning Elevator Pitch

Crafting an effective elevator pitch is a critical piece of the job search process. What the heck is an elevator pitch, you ask? According to Wikipedia, it’s a short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition. It’s also how you convey your “special sauce” in regard to who you are and the... Keep Reading »