Why LinkedIn is the Most Important Tool in Your Job Search

Of all the job search tips I have in my bag of tricks, nothing comes close to teaching people to leverage the power of LinkedIn connections. If I have 15 minutes to coach a job seeker, this is the piece I spend time on first, even before critiquing their résumé. An effective job search comes down to networking – and nothing empowers you to network better than... Keep Reading »

The Quick Fix: What to do When You Need to Dust off Your Résumé Unexpectedly

This post comes courtesy of greyzone’s Resume Writer, Beth Kujawski. Opportunities can surface when you least expect them. Recently, I was chatting with someone who said, “A week ago, I wasn’t looking for a job.” He has seniority. His job pays well. It’s near his home. He works for a large company. He has job security. His bosses appreciate that he steps up... Keep Reading »

How to Craft a Winning Elevator Pitch

Crafting an effective elevator pitch is a critical piece of the job search process. What the heck is an elevator pitch, you ask? According to Wikipedia, it’s a short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition. It’s also how you convey your “special sauce” in regard to who you are and the... Keep Reading »

Mine Your Memory to Write a Stellar Résumé

Were you raised to be humble? I was. Humility is appropriate in many situations. In job searches? Not so much. If ever there were a time to boast, this is it. Many folks, however, don’t know how. Or boasting feels so foreign, they rein themselves in. Or they’re simply so accustomed to doing what they do so well that it ceases to seem remarkable to them in any way.... Keep Reading »

My Intentional Career Search – 10 Lessons Learned

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Jane Dewar Following a nagging feeling that there was more to my life than “working to live,” I set out on a two year journey of self-discovery. I needed to really figure out what was important to me in my career. Being intentional was the key. Throughout this process I have been fortunate enough to meet incredible... Keep Reading »

The Stories We Write in Our Head  

A job search is typically quite stressful and often anxiety-ridden. If you’re currently in a job search (or have a hangover from the last one), you may be spending exorbitant amounts of time stressing about what others might be thinking. Your questions may be:

– Is my resume good enough?

– Do I need more keywords in my LinkedIn profile?

– Will anyone read this cover letter I’m slaving over?

– Why hasn’t the company called since I submitted my resume?

– Why hasn’t the company called since the interview?

– Do they seriously expect me to work for this offer?

The questions never stop. Just as fast as we’re asking the questions, we need to invent answers for them. We create story after story as a way to try and make sense of situations and take control of the uncertainty of the outcomes we face.

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