The Power of Chance

Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I get swept away by stories of chance encounters. This is why the romantic movie Before Sunrise moved me (and a million other women). When the characters Jesse and Céline met by chance on a train in Europe, their whole lives took a different course —and that change (over 18 years) is chronicled in two sequels, Before Sunset and... Keep Reading »

… but I have a job

We’ve all heard those stories about a land a long, long time ago before the Internet and globalization. In this long ago place, people graduated from college and were almost guaranteed lifetime employment, a gold watch and nice pension.  The only person you had to impress was your boss, who made sure you got your annual increases. As I talk to people about... Keep Reading »

8 Easy Ways to Start Networking Today

As a Career Mentor I advise my clients to network, network, network. Frequently, I can hear the sigh of their response before they even speak. “Yes, I know that’s what I’m supposed to do,” clients say heavily. “But there’s no way I’m going to skip an evening with my kids or spouse—or my chill-out time with Netflix, a glass of wine and my couch—to mingle with a... Keep Reading »

The Accidental Networker: A Tale of Job Search Success

Over and over I tell my clients how important it is to network during their job search. To that end, I’m sharing a client’s story of “accidental” networking. It is my hope that, in turn, it inspires you.  The Story: A client of mine—I’ll call him Kevin—was an ideal match for a job posting for a Denver company that I’ll call RightTurn. Kevin applied and drifted into... Keep Reading »

Should You Ever Say “In Five Years I’ll Probably Be Pregnant” in an Interview?

Where will you be in five years? It’s a standard job-interview question. Once, I answered: “I’ll probably be pregnant.” I was 28 at the time, and I honestly thought that’s where I would be by age 33. Did that mean that I wasn’t super interested in the job I was interviewing for? No. Did it mean that I wouldn’t give 100 percent while I worked there for one, two,... Keep Reading »