Happy Salary = Higher Achievers

I recently read an article in Forbes called “Your ‘Happy Price’ vs. Your ‘Sad Price’: How to Charge an Amount That Motivates You” by Michael Ellsberg. I’m a big proponent of listening to your gut, your intuition, (as I wrote in another blog), and Ellsberg’s article speaks to that same theme. The concept is simple: There’s a wage that we’ll work for, although it... Keep Reading »

5 Ways to be Bold in the Workplace

I have a theory that many of us view the workplace from an egalitarian perspective – all are created equal and opportunities should be dished out fairly. We believe that if we perform really hard, put in the extra hours, meet company objectives and don’t make any waves, we should be rewarded with good raises, bonuses and promotions. The reality of our... Keep Reading »

A Promotion is a Good Thing, Right?

In the past few months, I’ve spoken to several people who have either been offered promotions or have promotions looming in their future. If you were offered a promotion, I’m sure your immediate response would be: “Wonderful!” After all, a promotion is an acknowledgment of outstanding achievement. Not everyone gets promoted and you’ve... Keep Reading »

Why People Get Fired and What to do if it happens to you

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why people get fired. I’m not talking laid off due to budgetary reasons or divisions shutting down, I mean singling someone out for termination because they no longer are a good fit for a company. From my years working in human resources and recruiting, I can attest that terminations—when not for egregious causes such as theft... Keep Reading »

Advice Every New College Graduate Should Take to Heart

Last week I spoke to a group of 50 undergraduate women at the University of Illinois on the topic of women’s empowerment in their job search and careers. Following are some takeaways from that talk, along with new ideas that have since surfaced on what it takes for a young career professional to succeed. Create a strong Resumé and Cover Letter Make sure that your... Keep Reading »

What do People See When They Look at You?

Back in the day when I was a young contract programmer—as we were called in those days—I worked with a wonderful older guy named Tom who, luckily for me, became my mentor. I had a habit of coming in early in the morning with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. I would relish the time reading the paper and savoring my coffee. Tom approached me one morning as I was... Keep Reading »