Behind the Curtain – Secrets of the Job Search from a Corporate Recruiter

This post is courtesy of Amy Oviedo. Job Seeker’s Life: You applied for the role. Spent hours on the perfect cover letter and this is the 301st edit of your resume. You meet all the qualifications. You wait. And you wait. And you get discouraged. And you rewrite your resume. You worry that your cover letter isn’t quite right. You keep refreshing your email and... Keep Reading »

What to Do When a Recruiter Calls

“Hi, I’m Tami; I’m a recruiter with ___________.” This is how I used to begin most of my phone calls. After I said my hello, I knew people were thinking, “Maybe this one is actually legit and not just another scumbag.” Defending myself as a “good” recruiter took its toll on me after 15 years. I got tired of explaining the ins and outs of the recruitment system (this... Keep Reading »

Adjusting Recruiting Perspective for International Millennials

In the middle of job-hunting or recruiting, time is scarce to take the longer or broader view on careers, markets and strategy. Yet your day-to-day decision-making will prove more effective when you include key trends into your thinking map, and one of those trends is the role and expectations of international Millennials. As you adjust your international recruiting... Keep Reading »