Workers’ Rights During a Pandemic

This post is courtesy of Guest Blogger Lori Goldstein. As the challenges of the COVID pandemic and shelter orders continue, employees and independent contractors can benefit from new and continuing legal rights. FFCRA Paid Sick and Family Leave: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act provides employees and independent contractors with paid sick and family leave... Keep Reading »

Want to Live with More Purpose? Try THIS

This post is courtesy of greyzone Guest Blogger, Brie Doyle. What is your purpose in life?  Say it out loud right now.  Does it come to mind easily, or do you have to pause and think?  Sometimes it’s tied to the work we do.  Often times, it’s not.  Creating a personal mission statement allows us to find real clarity around how we share our gifts with the world. When... Keep Reading »

Baseball season is here! Do you have your walk-up song ready?

Yesterday was the Cubs home opener, and being a Chicagoan, that’s a pretty big deal these days. I fell in love with the game living in Colorado during the Blake Street Bomber years. Watching baseball greats like Larry Walker and Dante Bichette hit balls consistently out of the park (partly thanks to the mile high air) made me a fan for life. That was also when... Keep Reading »

Podcast Feature: The Style Success, Part 1

Last week Mallory Sills interviewed me for the first part in a 2 part series in The Style Success Podcast. Mallory’s business, Image Success by Mallory, helps professional women increase confidence and credibility through their professional image. Mallory and I had a great conversation about my Be Bold, Not Bossy program and how our wardrobe plays a big part... Keep Reading »

Happy Salary = Higher Achievers

I recently read an article in Forbes called “Your ‘Happy Price’ vs. Your ‘Sad Price’: How to Charge an Amount That Motivates You” by Michael Ellsberg. I’m a big proponent of listening to your gut, your intuition, (as I wrote in another blog), and Ellsberg’s article speaks to that same theme. The concept is simple: There’s a wage that we’ll work for, although it... Keep Reading »