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Be intentional with your career and life decisions through personalized coaching.

Whether you’re looking for help during your job search or in need of  someone to talk through a current career or life situation, coaching can be an invaluable resource. We’ve helped hundreds of professionals find their dream job, get promoted and make successful career and life changes.


Make intentional career moves with a career road map


Enjoy the benefits of having a personal trainer for your job search


Elevate your personal brand and finesse your communication skills


Bring alignment back into your life outside of work

Julie N., Manager of Sales and Operational Effectiveness

Dedicated Coaching Sessions

starting at $699

Ready to map your career, audit your job search, confront work challenges or explore your connection to your life path? Coaching can cover a myriad of challenges and opportunities. Sessions are 60 minutes and may be broken into 30-minute half-sessions. Packages expire a year from purchase and any unused sessions may be gifted to friends or family. Zoom audio recordings available upon request.


How many sessions do you need?

Our Basic Package is a great choice for those in reflection mode. When you’re uncertain if a job search is necessary, this can be a good way to process through your thoughts and move to action. Or if you’re puzzling through a challenge outside of work, a few sessions may get you back on path.

Our Standard Package is ideal for those looking for career clarity and job search support. With 5 sessions we can truly get your job search on the right path.

This package is also an excellent option for those seeking to try on-the-job coaching or invest in a bigger life coaching journey.

Our Premiere Package is ideal for those looking for a strong coaching partnership. In addition to establishing career clarity and gaining job search support, the premiere package is great for on-the-job and life coaching.

This package is also an excellent option for couples career coaching where both you and your partner can have joint sessions OR split the sessions per your individual needs.

* Bonus ninth session included

Our Premiere Package is ideal for those looking for long-term life coaching.

This package is also an excellent option for couples career coaching where both you and your partner can have joint sessions OR split the sessions per your individual needs.

* Premiere Package includes two bonus sessions.

Mock Interview


Are you ready to have a body language expert provide feedback on how you show up in an interview? In this unique offer, Tami Palmer pairs with a performance coach for a mock interview session to receive real-time feedback on how you come across in a virtual interview setting.

  • 75 Minute session with a video playback
  • Tips/Tricks on how to show up as your best self on camera
  • Conversation coaching to help you find the right scripts to streamline your story.

I was struggling to land an offer.  However, with Tami and Alison’s help, I accepted one today!  I appreciated how quickly they teamed together on short notice to prepare for a mock interview based on my schedule.  I really learned so much from the specific feedback they each provided.  Combining Tami‘s coaching to support my intentional career pivot with Alison’s body language expertise, I learned how to reset my mindset, perfect my story, boost my confidence and improve reception of my appearance during video interviews, and customize my responses based on the interviewer.  The career coaching and body language advice will also guide me during in-person conversations.  From the beginning, they both put me at ease and it was clear that they were in my corner, on my team, rooting for me every step of the way, even during negotiations.  I only wish I had sought their help sooner.  So, if you find yourself facing hurdles, please don’t wait to reach out to them!  I will continue to follow their online tips and videos, and won’t hesitate to call upon them again if I need a refresher or come across a future challenge.

Sonia B.

Quality Director, Pennsylvania

Tami was recommended to me by a professional acquaintance who told me that she was very good at helping people find their focus and gain clarity. This is what got my attention! “Clarity”…. Wouldn’t that be nice?!?! Tami was my coach, cheerleader, editor and friend. Most of all, she gave me much needed perspective and offered anecdotes from her own experience, making me smile while encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. I would recommend Tami Palmer to anyone looking to “breathe life” into their career search or simply struggling to see past their own doubts, insecurities and inner “noise”.

Jane D.

Office Manager, Colorado

Tami has helped coach me through several job searches. I’ve sought her out, because of her extensive, current and relevant experience in the region and market that I target. I see her not only as a colleague, but a friend. She provides honest advice and has been a great sounding board when I was at the negotiation stage of accepting a job offer. Our conversation left me comfortable with my decision and package. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a coach for the job search process.

Raul G.

Marketing Manager, Colorado

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