Park Ridge Area Job Seekers

Job Search Launch Series

3 Part Workshop

WHERE & WHEN: September 18th, 25th and October 2nd
at Beer on the Wall in Park Ridge. Sessions begin at 9:30 a.m. and will last approximately one hour.

What to Expect

Session One

Laying the groundwork. Build clarity on your job target, learn the components and importance of a succinct, well-written Elevator Pitch/Summary (for LinkedIn and Resume), and discuss the basic tenets of an effective resume.

Session Two

All about LinkedIn. Learn the importance of the tool and how to build a strong profile. Explore how to leverage 2nd-degree connections to network within targeted corporations.

Session Three

Tying it all together. Meet up for a final session to review job search strategy, get feedback on your resume, and discuss any questions before launching your effective job search.

About the Leader

Tami PalmerI’m Tami Palmer, a Job Search Coach, Career Advisor, and Park Ridge resident. My company, greyzone, offers job search support, resume writing, and LinkedIn training for those seeing support, accountability, and professional direction. As a former recruiter, I can offer insights into what happens on the other side of the desk, so that you can run the most effective job search possible.

You Should Attend If:                                            

  • You’ve been a stay-at-home mom and are ready to begin a job search but are feeling overwhelmed
  • You’ve been unemployed for an uncomfortable amount of time and want to employ new strategies to bring new energy to your search
  • You’re just starting a job search and want to set yourself up for success from the start

Reserve Your Spot

  • Price: $49.99
    Includes the workshop and complimentary snacks and beverages.
What Other Attendees Have Said

The workshop was a great way to get real insight into what job recruiters are looking for when it comes to the resume, Linkedin and the interview.

J. Fitch

There is power in connecting with others and seeing yourself reflected in the faces, and experiences, of others in the same job hunt path. Tami does an excellent job bringing important pieces of the job hunt process front and center for everyone to hear and discuss. Her experience in this area makes her a strong resource and someone that you should be connected to in our community.

A. Goodwin

I’m beginning a job search after a long career break, and the workshop has me feeling recharged. I’m armed with lots of great advice, and new networking opportunities to collaborate with other job seekers in my community.

A. Abbate

Executive job searches are about networking, not job boards. And second-degree connections on LinkedIn are a key tactic to use.

K. Burkam

The workshop provides a solid springboard to creating a job search action plan.

J. Levin

The workshop is a great use of your time to revisit and update resume, LinkedIn, and other resources. Fantastic conversations with highly skilled attendees sharing ideas, discoveries and information.

M. Iannotta

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