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WHERE & WHEN: Friday, April 17th
via Zoom : 12:00 – 2:00 pm Central Time

Are you looking to switch jobs but are overwhelmed by the process? This webinar is perfect for you! You’ll find the structure you need to get started.

About the Leader

Tami PalmerI’m Tami Palmer, a Job Search Coach, Career Advisor, and Fiction Writer. My company, greyzone, offers job search support, resume writing, and LinkedIn training for those seeking support, accountability, and professional direction. As a former recruiter, I can offer insights into what happens on the other side of the desk, so that you can run the most effective job search possible. And as a writer – I help you tell YOUR story.

What to Expect:

Laying the groundwork. Build clarity on your job target, learn the components and importance of a succinct, well-written Elevator Pitch/Summary (for LinkedIn and Resume). Attendees receive Tami’s Dream Job Sketch Questionnaire.

Managing the Brand Called YOU! Discuss the basic tenets of an effective resume and LinkedIn Profile and understand their role in selling you.

Job Search Strategy. Learn the importance of leveraging 2nd-degree connections via LinkedIn to network within targeted corporations. Review job board usage and cover letter strategies.

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What Other Attendees Have Said about Tami’s Job Seeker Workshops
The workshop was a great way to get real insight into what job recruiters are looking for when it comes to the resume, Linkedin and the interview.
J. Fitch

There is power in connecting with others and seeing yourself reflected in the faces, and experiences, of others in the same job hunt path. Tami does an excellent job bringing important pieces of the job hunt process front and center for everyone to hear and discuss. Her experience in this area makes her a strong resource and someone that you should be connected to in our community.
A. Goodwin

I’m beginning a job search after a long career break, and the workshop has me feeling recharged. I’m armed with lots of great advice, and new networking opportunities to collaborate with other job seekers in my community.
A. Abbate

Executive job searches are about networking, not job boards. And second-degree connections on LinkedIn are a key tactic to use.
K. Burkam

The workshop provides a solid springboard to creating a job search action plan.
J. Levin

I took Tami’s Job Seeker Video Workshop and found it to be just what I needed to kick-start my career launch. Tami was incredible helpful in providing tips for applying to jobs and interviewing. She gave us great info on how to create a solid resume and cover letter which was very helpful as the last time I did this was 5+ years ago. She also made an effort to understand what everyone’s personal pain points were in the job seeking process and addressed those.  She is very knowledgeable and inspired me.  After applying some of her advice, I have already secured more interviews just one week out of the workshop series!
S. Nelson

The workshop is a great use of your time to revisit and update resume, LinkedIn, and other resources. Fantastic conversations with highly skilled attendees sharing ideas, discoveries and information.
M. Iannotta

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