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Tami and her retreat Partner, Jennifer Hollister are on a mission to support women in reclaiming their souls. In our overstimulated world, where we’re drawing on our habits brought down through years of patriarchy, we put everyone first and often forget that we’re souls on our own embodied journey.

The time is now. The urgency is real.

Jennifer and Tami bring awareness to how the mind/body connection can support spirituality. They see this as a triangle with mind/body on the bottom, as foundational supports leading to the pinnacle above of spirituality.

Together they are committed to creating opportunities for women to sit in circle together, sharing from a vulnerable space and finding connection. They teach breathwork and mindfulness and offer opportunities for self-reflection through writing and conversation.

Check out their upcoming Soul Circles and Retreats.

Together we rise. 


Soul Alignment Retreats

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