Retreats & Womens Circles

When spiritually aligned women come together, magic is made.

Intentional Living
Inspiring Locations

 Leave your routine behind.
Step away from day-to-day responsibilities.

Reclaim Your Soul.

In our overstimulated world, where we’re drawing on our habits brought down through years of patriarchy, we put everyone first and often forget that we’re souls on our own embodied journey.

The time is now. The urgency is real.

Tami is  committed to creating opportunities for women to sit in circle together, sharing from a vulnerable space and finding connection, be that in the suburbs of Chicago, on a beach in the Caribbean or in the mountains of Colorado.




Tami’s retreats blend curated, introspective conversations, journal writing, somatic movement (maybe yoga or a  labyrinth walk), and creative expression. We laugh, share food and truly get vulnerable. With a focus on intentional living, we’ll archive/sort memories, release limiting beliefs and align energies to serve new priorities. These are the girls trip you’ve been craving with friends you haven’t yet met.

Women's Circles

In circle we have a unique opportunity to build authentic connection with other women as we dive into soulful conversations. Each month will offer a facilitated conversation, book discussion, a guest speaker or a craft project. We will engage in the inflection point between career matters and life choices with an eye on building confidence, learning to trust our intuition and being mindful of intentional living.

“As women we are tasked with being mothers, breaking down the patriarchy, worrying about our bodies…When we come together we remember how important it is to take time for ourselves.”

Emily W.


“If  you’re looking for an opportunity to reset, re-energize, reflect and have a weekend where you feel fully nutured – this is for you!”

Michelle S.


“Tami has been instrumental in helping me navigate my career and approach for over 5 years. On a personal level, I joined one of her Soul Work circles and love how she is teaching the concept of aligning our WHOLE SELVES in everything we do. Tami is a great listener, asks amazing questions, and has been an incredible resource for me over the years!”

Betsy D.


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