Testimonials and Success Stories

Tami was recommended to me while I was at a crossroads in my career. I had never worked with a career coach before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tami exceeded my expectations in many ways, setting a high bar for others to match when it comes to helping navigate one’s career! She provided a lot of help and guidance during our coaching sessions and in between. She challenged me gently and effectively during an emotional time, helping me to clear my mind, focus on what’s important to me, and open myself to new ways of thinking about what I could do next and how I should view the value of my experiences. In the end, her advice opened my eyes to a lot of things, ultimately guiding me towards what I think will be a great next step for me at a company that suits me and values the experience and talent I’ll bring to that new position.

JoAnn C., Systems Analyst, Colorado

Tami was instrumental in my job search – plus the soul search – and has been a stellar guide and confidante. With her help, I found renewed confidence and gained strategies for my search. I recommend her highly for anyone that’s looking to switch gears or starting out in their career.

Nicole K., Brand Ambassador, New Jersey

Thank you for all of the guidance, patience and support throughout my job search journey. I feel very fortunate that it was not a long journey and know that you played a role in that. From our weekly chats to helping me revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile, you really helped me through a stressful time.
Jessica H., Benefits Administrator, Chicago

Tami provides a very valuable career coaching and mentoring service. I started off as a resume review client, continued on with her for coaching, and landed my dream job I had been targeting all along! She gave me great advice at every step along the way and I felt more confident having her in my corner.

What I like about working with Tami is that she is clear, direct and helps you articulate your value. She reminds you of your strengths, helps you clarify precisely what you want and then coaches you on how to get that. I appreciated having the reality check when I had questions or doubts – she was a much needed confidence booster!

The key to landing my new position was aggressively leveraging my LinkedIn network – I don’t think I would have had the courage to do that without Tami’s insistence. And I think that is what made the difference!

Kerri S., Director of Marketing, Colorado

With the work and preparation you’ve helped me with, as far as building my Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and interview preparation. I’ve earned the best position of my career as an Account Manager at Waste Management. Believe it or not it took me 2 weeks to receive this position by applying through Indeed. The recruiter emailed me and viewed my LinkedIn profile all at the same time. I did as you taught me to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date. The reason I mentioned this is he requested me on LinkedIn as I applied.  So it was a very good idea I had all my ducks in a row. I did a phone interview with the recruiter.  Two days later I received a phone call from headquarters in Texas, so that they were able to schedule me an interview in the local location. A week later I went to the interview fully prepared as you taught me and as we discussed best practices. Two days later after my in person interview with the two hiring Supervisors, I was informed my interview was most exceptional. The recruiter informed me that my interview was one of the best interviews they have seen in a long time!! I was so excited!!! Waste Management then gave me a wonderful offer that was way too great of an opportunity to pass up!! I must tell you it’s the highest paid job I have ever received as well as great benefits, thanks to you Tami!! I work in an office setting with my own desk/cubicle. There is only 12 Account Managers in my department working with 5 states as our territory, I happen to be one of those 12! I work Mon-Fri and weekends off. I’ve also done some research and learning that Waste Management is a great company to work for as well, which makes me SO proud of myself to get into this company on my own…with you as the teacher of course! I wanted to let you know you’ve made a wonderful impact in my life for my career and words cannot explain my gratitude to you!!

Robert P., Account Manager, Chicago Il.

Beth has an editor’s attention to detail and was able to complete my project under short time constraints, She asked thought provoking questions and independently researched certain areas. Beth’s creativity and finesse resulted in a superb finished product. I highly recommend Beth and will work with her again!
Claudine D., V.P Energy Sector, Connecticut

Tami was great to work with. During our session she provided genuine feedback, and smart advice and comments.  I’m re-energized, and my resume and cover letter are already much stronger after implementing a few things we discussed!  It’s been invaluable to have an expert (and a fresh set of eyes) review my documents and suggest new formatting and a different approach.  Thanks for the new perspective!
Nancy D., Sales Leader, Colorado

I began working with Tami when I felt I had a hit a point in my career where my goals, and subsequently my resume, needed quite a bit of tightening up. Tami was a thoughtful, engaging partner who also held me accountable through her process. She kept me focused on what was important and away from the shiny object syndrome I had encountered in the past. What I most appreciated about her particular approach, was that it was holistic and took into account how my career trajectory would fit into my life outside of work. She was worth every penny and then some and I have recommended her to several close friends looking for the same type of coaching in their career as well. Thank you Tami!
Shala B., Operations Executive, Colorado

When I first started looking for a job, I thought I should look for anything I was qualified for. After we spoke, I realized just because I was qualified, did not mean I’d enjoy it. After some soul searching, I focused on areas that excited me.  After much prayer and deliberation, I accepted a position outside my knowledge area but I absolutely love it!!! Who knew?  Thank you for helping change my thought process!!
Cynthia P., Director, Client Development, Colorado

In my career, I negotiate to get what I need for my projects and my team all of the time. However, when it came to negotiating on behalf of myself I found that I was at a loss for words. Tami validated my value in the marketplace and then helped me find my voice. Because of her help, I negotiated a competitive package with ease.
Andrea G., V.P. Product and Project Management, Illinois

I am extremely pleased with my revised resume. Working with Beth mirrors the comments you currently have from other clients and then some. Her personality and ease discussing where I wanted to take my resume’s story was second to none. She was patient and offered great suggestions on how to navigate through my work history. I would recommend her highly.
Kathy C., Operations Strategist, Colorado

Doing a job search is putting yourself, the very nature of what you are capable of accomplishing, at the mercy of unknown forces and individuals, and it can be very uncomfortable. Thank you for helping me to feel like I have the tools I need to march forward through that discomfort. I recently got a job, and I think I will turn it down! I can’t believe I’m turning down an opportunity at an organization that I value and respect, but I have the confidence that a better match will come my way. Your help and constructive feedback definitely contributed to increasing that confidence.
Emily L., Arts & Events Venue Administration, Colorado

I really enjoyed working with Beth! She knew just what I needed and made the process fun. A real pro!
Leigh Ann J., Director - Product Design, Illinois

I wanted to thank you for our conversations this past fall. They were quite helpful in solidifying my need to move on from my current role and in identifying what was critically important for me in a new role. I’m starting 2016 with a new job that I’m excited about. Thank you for being a part of that!
Matt F., Marketing Ops. Manager, Colorado

Tami provided the counsel and guidance of a seasoned professional combined with the personal support and encouragement of a trusted friend.  Working with Tami renewed my confidence and helped sharpen my focus in the approach to my job search. greyzone mentoring opened my eyes to new employment options and methods of researching and networking. I feel like it helped me break through the static and move forward into a much more productive search.
Leigh Ann J., Administrative Hospital Services, Illinois

“I was able to negotiate a higher salary and bonus! Thank you so much for helping me develop the skills to be bold and go after my dream job.”
Joannie K., Dir., Public Relations, Colorado

What started out as a resume refresh turned into an opportunity for me to pause and revisit what I really liked about my work and what I was looking for that was not there in my current position. Finding what was true for me and sticking to it was the real treasure find for me. It guided me throughout the process and will continue to be a valuable lens I can look through. Having a coach/cheerleader/friend in your corner that really understands what you are going through is invaluable. Finding a job is hard enough but walking that path with Tami made the tough days easier. We took all the inputs and kept focusing, a new position was the result.
Kevin P., Senior Marketing Manager, Colorado

I have partnered with Tami over the years and each time I walk away better for the experience. Tami brings the whole package to every endeavor. She is highly competent in her field and she has high integrity. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for job search and career support.
Carrie P., Nationally Certified Career Counselor, Job Search & Transition Coach, HR Consultant, Colorado

Tami is a tremendous job coach! She helped me polish my resume and LinkedIn profile. This is what ultimately got me the best job for my particular requirements. Her job search plan helped me stay focused as I was able to make daily searches on a list of web sites and check off as I went. She helped me stay focused on what I am really qualified for and encouraged me to go for exactly what I wanted. I found a position with a great compensation package, a team oriented culture, and the perfect location. I will continue to seek Tami’s advice for any career related guidance! Thank You Tami!
Harry B., Consultant, Colorado

Tami has helped coach me through several job searches. I’ve sought her out, because of her extensive, current and relevant experience in the region and market that I target. I see her not only as a colleague, but a friend. She provides honest advice and has been a great sounding board when I was at the negotiation stage of accepting a job offer. Our conversation left me comfortable with my decision and package. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a coach for the job search process.
Raul G., Marketing Manager, Colorado

I have been lucky enough to know Tami as my most influential mentor for over 5 years. Tami is a wonderful listener and a logical, yet extremely creative thinker which sets her apart from the rest. She has the ability to keen in on people’s strengths and areas of improvement, fostering each, then aligning them with your goals. Her sense of intuition and sound experience in the business world make her especially helpful to young professionals trying to pave their way in corporate America. Tami not only helped me make strategic, career-enhancing moves, but also coached me on salary negotiation. She has been an asset to my career growth and I recommend her to anyone facing tough work decisions, trying to set and reach goals, and those who need a kick start into the working world.
Erin P., Director of Marketing Communications, Colorado

Tami has been a trusted advisor since I decided to pivot my career. She listens and looks at the whole picture to help guide me. I love that she offers pros/cons depending on my situation. She’s my go-to person for career growth advice.

Char B., Data Architect, Florida

Tami was exactly the right person at the right time! I was referred to her by a good friend as I was making a major career transition. After trying more than a few executive search and resume writing services, Tami was a breath of fresh air.

While she draws upon a set of best-practices, she naturally tailored her coaching to my unique needs. She was able to help me see my value from another perspective, reduce my anxiety during a stressful experience, and keep the process moving forward every day even when it was the most frustrating. And despite my reluctance, she turned me into a pretty good networker after all!

After working together for 9 months, I finally landed a great role as Chief Marketing Officer in a fantastic scaleup company. I credit Tami for guiding me through that experience. She has the perfect personalized approach for an executive taking their next step.

Mike C., Chief Marketing Officer, Colorado

In the summer of 2015, as I faced a gigantic career crisis, I reached out to Tami for help — thanks to a referral from a friend. Tami, you planted seeds in fertile soil. I’ve been nurturing those seeds since taking that deep dive off a cliff into freelancing. Packed in my career-change wilderness survival kit was an amazing resume crafted by Beth.

My second client out of the gate didn’t get a graphic design portfolio, because I didn’t have one. He was handed my resume by a mutual acquaintance. I became his company’s design & marketing consultant.

Little did I know, but that client passed my resume around to his team. They were a small startup, but they all agreed that they’d invite me in if the relationship went well and I lived up to the referral & resume credentials.

Over these 2.5 years, I took on other clients and had the time and space to water those seeds Tami planted, as I refined my Dream Job list. So a few weeks ago, when that startup client invited me to join their team officially, I was ready. They checked all the boxes on the list.

I start Monday. And as I think about how I got here, I’m grateful for the work you both do.

Kristel, F., Graphic Designer

“Tami was recommended to me by a professional acquaintance who told me that she was very good at helping people find their focus and gain clarity. This is what got my attention! “Clarity”…. Wouldn’t that be nice?!?!

From the first time I spoke to Tami on the phone, I felt an immediate connection with a kindred spirit. After articulating my quest to truly follow my instincts and find that “ideal fit”, Tami was able to recommend a course of action. Tami and I worked together for a month during which we fully reworked my resume, had several career-advisement sessions, updated my LinkedIn profile, explored various networking scenarios and so much more.

Tami was my coach, cheerleader, editor and friend. Most of all, she gave me much needed perspective and offered anecdotes from her own experience, making me smile while encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. I would recommend Tami Palmer to anyone looking to “breathe life” into their career search or simply struggling to see past their own doubts, insecurities and inner “noise”.  Tami is also great at editing writing of any kind. She reviewed a plethora of my emails always offering poignant feedback. Deciding to work with Tami, and purchasing that month of Career Services, was the best gift I could have given myself for the Holidays!”

Jane D., Office Manager, Colorado

Tami helped me update my resume and gave helpful direction for my job search. Prior to working with Tami as a consultant I worked with her when she was a full time HR professional. Tami was always the consummate professional and when I needed coaching around managing employees who I thought were “difficult” Tami provide the right information and coaching delivered in a way which was very easy to assimilate.
I give Tami a strong recommendation!
Wylee P, Technology Sales/Programs Operations Management, Colorado

Tami helped build my confidence for the whole job seeking process which just helped me to RELAX and go into action with a better plan. Our work together took some myths I had developed and put them into the correct perception. There were three key items which I incorporated from discussions with Tami; contacting a person I thought was a dead end; writing an email with a simple action request and employing renewed confidence. The simple yet profound changes to my job seeking helped me be in control of the outcome, rather than the out of control feeling the internet and auto reply transactions create. The end result – I landed a new job
Jennifer S., Project Manager

Tami was extremely responsive and was able to turnaround comments very quickly. This allowed me to get my resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter updated and used for jobs very quickly.
Eric R., Solutions Engineering Manager, Colorado

Tami is a job seeker’s best friend! She has been an incredible resource in expanding my network. She has introduced me to new people and ideas that are making a big impact. With her guidance, I know my job search will be faster and more efficient. Tami truly thrives on connecting people – and she does so with grace, humor and utmost professionalism all wrapped into one.
Geri M., Director Philanthropy and Community Relations, Colorado

Tami’s insight is great when writing Resume’s and with Linkedin Profiles. She is a very positive person and it rubs off on you. She helps you think out of the box about where to look for work and pushes the value of leveraging all your networking relationships.
Mark E., Account Executive, Illinois

I’d been out of the job market for 20+ years and Tami helped me fix my resume for today’s job hunting platform. Tami was very consistent; always available, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Jan C., Sales, Colorado

Tami is an expert in her field and is amazing at helping people identify what they want and teaching them how to sell themselves to get it. Her blog greyzonementoring.com is a great resource for anyone questioning their career and is really a perfect example of the sound advice Tami gives to all her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is asking “what comes next in my career?
Gretchen S., Senior Manager, Reporting and Analysis, Illinois

Tami provided the counsel and guidance of a seasoned professional combined with the personal support and encouragement of a trusted friend.  Working with Tami renewed my confidence and helped sharpen my focus in the approach to my job search. greyzone mentoring opened my eyes to new employment options and methods of researching and networking. I feel like it helped me break through the static and move forward into a much more productive search.
Kat S., Recruiting Coordinator, Colorado

Tami is a fantastic resource for anyone involved in or preparing for a job search. I had the privilege of working with Tami as a part of my summer internship program. Her company, greyzone, turned out to be exactly what I needed to prepare me for Big 4 accounting interviews, and I have Tami to thank for my position! She’s versatile, a pleasure to work with, and dedicated. While many people know the business of recruiting, not everyone will offer the personal dedication of greyzone. She took a genuine interest in each intern, even revamping my resume overnight when I got a surprise call about a position. All of us interns couldn’t say enough about her work!
Allison P., Audit Associate, Illinois

I felt like my resume could use professional editing, but was at a loss as to where to start. Tami was able to step in when I was most stressed, and begin making significant changes in a positive direction. She asked me probing questions about my level of responsibility on projects, and ROI, and in the end, brought my resume from a manager to a director level through careful word choices. Once the resume was complete, she updated my LinkedIn Profile. I now feel confident I’m presenting the correct image of my skills and background. Tami was easy to work with, fast and thorough. I’ve already recommended her to other colleagues.
Charlie V., Director, Information Systems, Texas

I should start off by saying, she is fabulous! I took about a year off and when I was ready to get back to work her help was invaluable. She provided me with great tips, audited my LinkedIn profile, reviewed and enhanced my resume and of course role played my interview skills. While she works out of Chicago her extensive experience and network has lead me to recommend her to friends and business associates across the country, and they have all sung her praises! If you find that you aren’t sure you need her services at this moment, I highly recommend you subscribe to her blog. She has some awesome ideas and reminders when it comes to seeking the “RIGHT” new career.
CarrieAnne C., Business Analyst, Colorado

Tami has been both a personal and professional influential mentor of mine for years. She has a unique perspective and ability to come up with extremely creative solutions to difficult problems. While I’ve experienced other mentors in the past that are great listeners, Tami goes beyond sympathetic listening and provides tangible, original and realistic advice. She is thoughtful in helping others brainstorm and her gifts of ideation and intellection ensure she always comes up with something I hadn’t thought of. She has a phenomenal ability to connect deeply with others through her relationships and intuitively provide insight.
Amy B., Recruiter, Colorado

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