We know it’s hard to make a career transition. 

 At greyzone, we believe everyone should be in a career they love. In 2013 Tami Palmer left her full time recruiting management role to pursue an entrepreneurial path. Years spent helping people navigate career change, combined with her own career pivots, give Tami the passion and expertise to  guide others.

We know first hand how hard it can be and that’s why we created a framework to help you get out of the greyzone.

“Having a coach/cheerleader/friend in your corner that really understands what you are going through is invaluable. Finding a job is hard enough but walking that path with Tami made the tough days easier. We took all the inputs and kept focusing, a new position was the result.”

Kevin P, Senior Marketing Manager

Tami Palmer

Tami Palmer

Career & Life Coach, Founder

With 15 years experience in staffing and human resources management, Tami provides valuable insights, tailored advice, and tactics that help her clients navigate the greyzone and get results. She excels at coaching with empathy, instilling confidence, and helping people craft and own their stories. A confident, natural networker, Tami often connects people in her vast network.

Tami’s served on the boards of several Human Resources and Recruiting organizations in Colorado, and donated countless hours of volunteer time to providing job search advice to college students, displaced workers and immigrant populations.

Attuned to a holistic approach to coaching, Tami can bring in elements of life coaching for clients looking to address areas of non-alignment outside of the workplace. 

Tami’s creative outlet has always been fiction and she’s proud to be a published author. You can read her musings on careers and the job search process on the greyzone blog.

Renate Staedel-Gray

Renate Staedel-Gray

Gallup CliftonStrengths® Coach

There is something you do better than thousands of others…but what is it and how do you explain it? With a variety of life and work experience, Renate works with clients to maximize their natural strengths and leverage them to achieve their full potential.

As an experienced Gallup CliftonStrengths® coach (formerly Gallup StrengthsFinder), Renate guides clients through their profile to help them understand what makes them unique: their natural aptitudes, talents, and weaknesses, and how to leverage and manage them for consistently excellent results, both personally and professionally.

With 20+ years as a professional in the corporate environment, Renate has had the fortune of working with a wide range of experience levels since becoming a coach, from student interns to upper-level managers with accolades from both. Tailoring her approach to each person and bringing to light their own natural gifts and how to apply them is her priority for clients striving for fulfillment in both career and life.

“I enjoyed learning more about my strengths in my consultation with Renate. It’s so important to know yourself and what questions to ask, based on your strengths when considering a new role. I recommend Renate and her skills as a CliftonStrengths coach.”

Danielle C., Account Manager, Colorado

Karmen and Perri

Karmen and Perri

Resume Advisors

Karmen has spent +20 years building brands in various industries. Her approach to resume writing is to help clients clarify their personal brand and what they can offer a company/organization with their unique talents.  She listens to her clients’ ambitions, helps to identify and excavate examples to showcase skills to achieve their aspirations and helps clients build confidence as they prepare for their next opportunity. Hear what some of her clients are saying:

“The process of working with Karmen on my resume was a game changer for how I present myself to potential employers as well as my own confidence in clearly communicating my professional accomplishments.  The entire process from the initial communication to the discovery process to the final product was an extraordinary experience, well worth the investment, and has already resulted in significant interest from employers.”

“Working with Karmen was a great experience. She took the time to understand my complex work history and position things in such a way to really enhance my background. She was quick, thorough and stayed in communication with me during the entire process. I never felt pressured to accept anything and she was open and flexible with feedback. Highly recommended.”

Perri has spent nearly two decades in marketing building brands. Her passion is helping clients articulate their professional brand in tune with their unique experience and aspiration, showing potential employers the value they could bring to an organization. She prides herself on writing clear, compelling resumes, readable by hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) savvy. Hear what some of her clients are saying:

 “I was just offered my dream job [with] more money than I asked… I firmly believe that Perri gave me the confidence to endure 5 interviews! 

It was the jump start I needed to see my own worth and value on paper staring back at me… I will pass your info onto everyone I know!”  

“I wanted to share with you the powerful impact your writing my LinkedIn profile had on my life. At the end of January, I will be starting in my new role of Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer at a great company…”

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